Copper Pads

Copper Pads


A large variety of standard and optional magnetic accessories are available to help you to do better job of non-destructive testing. Many of these Magnetic Copper Pads will give you Flawcheck defectoscope greater flexibility.

Others will help to speed the testing process and still others aid in interpreting test results

  • Contact Pads
  • Replacement Pads
  • V-Block Steady Rests
  • Roller Steady Rests
  • Head Stock Roller Rests
  • Centrifuge Tube Stands
  • Contact Clamps
  • Leeches
  • Split Coil
  • Hairpin Coils Double Contact Prods
  • Contact Prod Tips
  • Calibration Kits
  • Test Blocks
  • Field Indicators
  • Auxiliary Adapters
  • Automatic Magnetizing Feature